Quick Shot: 2015 BMW F32 428i [Mineral Grey]

Even while brand new, this BMW 428i arrived at the studio looking dull and lifeless, with the metallic fleck being muted by dealership glazes.

After a thorough decontamination, the paintwork was corrected to deep cleanse and remove any pre-existing swirls and scratches from delivery. Opti-Coat Pro+ was then applied to lock in the paint and enhance the gloss further, resulting in stunning metallic fleck and crisp gloss.

Additionally, the wheels were coated to help deal with nasty European brake dust build up.

✔️ Multi-stage decontamination
✔️ Single-stage correction
✔️ Single layer of Opti-Coat Pro+
✔️ Wheels and calipers coated with Opti-Coat Pro+

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JJ Liu
JJ Liu
Managing Director – Affinesse
South-East Melbourne’s premier destination for premium detailing and paint protection

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