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From the factory to the dealership, your vehicle gets loaded on to multiple trains, ships and trucks - picking up environmental contamination on the paint along the way.

Whether it be iron particles, limescale or watermarks, we thoroughly decontaminate your entire car to create a clinically clean surface, ready for paint correction.

Paint Correction

During delivery, your vehicle is handled by numerous people - causing scratches and swirls to be instilled in your paint.  

This is the reason why even brand new cars can require paint correction. 

We carefully select the appropriate tools and materials for your paint, removing scratches, swirls and enhancing the gloss of your vehicle as a whole.

Once the surface is perfect, it's now ready for protection.

Paint Correction


Now that your vehicle is looking better than brand new - it's time to keep it that way.

We offer protection systems that protect your investment and keep your ride beautiful for the years to come.

Every single surface of your vehicle can be protected - from the wheels to even the fabric!

Featured Products

Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coatings

NXTZEN Professional Ceramic Coatings

Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film

Suntek CIR Ceramic Tint

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Packages and Pricing



Starting from
  • Multi-Stage Decontamination
  • NXTZEN Pro
  • Paint Correction
  • Five Year Paint Protection Warranty
  • Wheels, Glass and Plastic Trim Coating
  • Interior Leather and Fabric Coating
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Starting from

  • Multi-Stage Decontamination
  • NXTZEN Elite
  • Paint Correction
  • Nine Year Paint Protection Warranty
  • Wheels, Glass and Plastic Trim Coating
  • Interior Leather and Fabric Coating
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