Detailed: 2011 Lexus IS350 GSE21 F-Sport [Nebula Gray Pearl]

JOOI-01Our client recently purchased this 2011 IS350 F-Sport and wanted to improve the condition of the paintwork and glass due to severe swirling and water etching.  We performed the following:

  • Two-stage correction
  • Glass correction
  • Opti-Coat Pro+ (2 Layers)
  • Wheel repair

Before correction
JOOI-02AfterJOOI-03Before correctionJOOI-04AfterJOOI-05Before CorrectionJOOI-06After correctionJOOI-07Before glass correctionJOOI-08AfterJOOI-09Before glass correctionJOOI-10AfterJOOI-11Before metal polishJOOI-12AfterJOOI-13After Opti-Coat Pro+JOOI-14FinishedJOOI-15Thanks for reading,

Jerald Liu

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