Detailed: 2010 Volkswagen Passat B6 R36 [Icelandic Grey]

SVAR-01Here we have a Volkswagen Passat R36 in Icelandic Grey.  The client had purchased it in a used condition and was looking to bring the car back to a better-than-new condition and lock in the finish. The R36 had numerous scratches, buffer trails, watermarks and oxidisation.

As usual, the Volkswagen paint was extremely hard and resistant to correction, requiring a heavy correction combo to complete.  This was achieved with the CarPro Flash Pad and HD Cut, followed by HD Polish. 4 coats of OCP+ was applied to the vehicle as per clients request.

As presentedSVAR-02During the wheel-off detail, the calipers and wheel arches were cleaned and treated SVAR-03AfterSVAR-04Wheels coated with OCP+ SVAR-05Before paint correction. The paint was fairly oxidised and lacked clarity. SVAR-06After correction with HD Cut and Car Pro Flash Pad SVAR-07Buffer trails visible SVAR-08 After paint correctionSVAR-09 BeforeSVAR-10AfterSVAR-11Before. Glass had sever water etchingSVAR-12AfterSVAR-13 BeforeSVAR-14AfterSVAR-1550/50 Progress on chemically stained trim SVAR-16BeforeSVAR-17AfterSVAR-1850/50 C.Quartz DLUX treatment. SVAR-19After four layers of OCP+ SVAR-20 SVAR-21 SVAR-22 The rear quarter of the car looks like it just melts awaySVAR-23 SVAR-24 SVAR-25 SVAR-26 SVAR-27

Thanks for viewing!

Jerald Liu

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