Detailed: 2014 Holden Commodore VF Calais-V [Karma Blue]

MFUL-01This Calais in Karma Blue was purchased brand new and booked in for an Opti-Coat Pro+ treatment as a birthday present from our client to his mother.  We set out to correct any defects, amp up the gloss and lock it in with two layers of Opti-Coat Pro+.  Further, the windows were tinted with Suntek CXP Carbon Tint and the wheels were removed and coated as well.
As presentedMFUL-02Before correctionMFUL-03After correctionMFUL-04Before correction – bird poo etching resulting from unprotected paintMFUL-05After correctionMFUL-06More bird droppingsMFUL-07AfterMFUL-08Before – sanding marks visible from factoryMFUL-09AfterMFUL-10More sanding marksMFUL-11After
MFUL-12The windows were extremely water-stained which is caused by not drying the windows after washing the car.MFUL-13After glass polishMFUL-14Coated and ready to go with two layers of Opti-Coat Pro+. MFUL-15 MFUL-16 MFUL-17 MFUL-18 MFUL-19

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