Detailed: 2009 BMW 323i E92 [Carbon Black]

MMCL-01Another one from the BMW stable. This particular 323i didn’t live an easy life, in fact – the paint had almost been murdered by a previous detailer. Lots and lots of holograms to go around.

We went through a two-stage correction (with spot wetsanding) followed by two layers of C.Quartz Finest as per request of the client.

The car was compounded with Scholl S2 x White spider pad and polished with CarPro Reflect on a LC CCS Black. Achieved roughly 90% correction as some panels were too thin for further RIDS correction.

The interior was cleaned thoroughly with Simple Green APC, carpets shampooed and leather treated with 3D Liquid Leather.

As presented MMCL-02 MMCL-03 MMCL-04Deeper scratches, requiring wetsanding at 2000 grit MMCL-05Before correction MMCL-06After correctionMMCL-07Before correction MMCL-08After correction MMCL-09Before correction MMCL-10After correction MMCL-11Pretty filthy mats MMCL-1250/50 progress shot on the interior MMCL-13After shampooing MMCL-14Wearing two coats of Finest MMCL-15 MMCL-16 MMCL-17 MMCL-18 MMCL-19 MMCL-20Super close-up sun shot. MMCL-21 MMCL-22 MMCL-23Thanks for viewing!

Jerald Liu

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