Detailed: 2012 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Grand Sport 100 Year Anniversary [Carbon Flash Metallic]


The Details

Year: 2012
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Make: Corvette C6 Grand Sport
Colour Code: Carbon Flash Metallic
Condition: Moderate swirling, buffer trails/holograms
Paint Type: Medium/Soft

Here we have limited edition Corvette in for paint correction and C.Quartz Finest as per request from the owner. The car was a dream to work with – perfectly workable paint and beautiful metallic fleck as a reward for correction.

Photo-2 Photo-3 Photo-450/50 Progress shot on C.Quartz DLUX Photo-5Start of a wheel-off detail Photo-6Nuts cleaned and protected with Opti-Coat Pro Photo-9Barrels and face were cleaned with Auto Finesse Bilberry Wheel Cleaner, followed by a coat of DLUX Photo-7Brake calipers also degreased and steamed. These were airbrushed with Opti-Coat Pro due to the complexity of design. Photo-8 Photo-10 Photo-11Post-wash inspection. Some nice swirls to deal with. Photo-12And the signature buffer trails left by another detailer Photo-13 Photo-14 Photo-15 Photo-16 Photo-17 Photo-18 Photo-19 Photo-20 Photo-21 Photo-22 Photo-2350/50 progress on the leather. Steam cleaned to remove oils and then dressed with Swissvax Leather Milk for a supple and non-greasy finish. Great smell too. Photo-24 Photo-25 Photo-26The paint received two layers of C.Quartz Finest, followed by Car Pro Reload for extra gloss and rain spot protection. Photo-27 Photo-28 Photo-29 Photo-30 Photo-31 Photo-32 Photo-33 Photo-34 Photo-35 Photo-36 Photo-37 Photo-38 Photo-39 Photo-40 Photo-41 Photo-42 Photo-43 Photo-44 Photo-45 Photo-46 Photo-47Thanks for looking,

Jerald ‘JJ’ Liu

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