Detailed: 2013 Toyota 86 GTS [Mount Fuji Red]


The Details

Year: 2013
Manufacturer: Toyota
Make: 86 GTS
Colour Code: Mount Fuji Red
Condition: Light swirling, random isolated scratches, hazing, light water spotting
Paint Type: Soft
Full Resolution Photoshoot: Download

The owner of this 86 GTS had taken delivery of the vehicle one week before sending it to us.  In that week, the car was parked outdoors, resulting in paint hazing caused by rain and exposure to the elements.

As presented.02Foam decontamination to remove any dealership glazes and oils which could potentially hide defects.03Brushwork04Once the oils were stripped, the car showed no beading whatsoever.05Even new cars have contamination.  This is after a single pass of the bonnet with a clay bar.06Before correction.  Light scratches were visible on each panel in addition to hazing and water-spotting.07After correction with Optimum Hyper Polish x Lake Country CCS White pads.08Before09After10Before11After12Before.  Deep scratches visible on the bootlid.  These were hidden by the glazes that were applied to the car.13After correction.14No spot is overlooked.  The underside of the spoiler corrected and coated.16After correction17Before18After19Before20After21After correction and before application of Opti-Coat.  22Once Opti-Coat Pro had been applied, the gloss exuded in the bright sun was magnificent.23Direct sun shots reveal all defects and truly determine a detailer’s skill.24 25Wheels were airbrushed with Opti-Coat Pro.  Airbrushing allows all the intricate areas to be coated, leaving no bare spots.26Tail lights polished and coated27Badgework airbrushed28 29 30 31

In an ideal world, new cars should be ready to drive away with no extra work to be done.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case due to cost-cutting.  If you’d like to restore your vehicle to how it should as new, feel free to send us an e-mail at

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