Detailed: 2008 Honda Accord Euro CU2 [White Orchid Pearl]

Here we have my 2008 Honda Accord Euro CU2 purchased December ’13 to represent the business. The car was received in a pretty shoddy condition and had apparently been freshly ‘detailed’ a week before I purchased it. Since this car would be used on a daily basis and go through constant product testing, my goal was to achieve roughly 80% correction with a significant improvement in gloss. This was to preserve the thin clear coat (with the exception of the fender)

The paint was corrected with HD Adapt on a Lake Country Orange CCS Pad.  Various coatings and waxes were applied to the vehicle for testing.JLIU-2 JLIU-3Wax residue left behind by previous detailerJLIU-4 JLIU-5Iron-X decontamination showed large amounts of industrial fallout still present in the paint.JLIU-6 JLIU-7The wheels were removed and coated with Opti-Coat ProJLIU-8All wheel nuts polished and coatedJLIU-9DebadgingJLIU-10 JLIU-11Interior LED conversionJLIU-12 JLIU-13Fog light tintingJLIU-14Before paint correctionJLIU-15After paint correctionJLIU-16 JLIU-17 JLIU-18 JLIU-19 JLIU-20 JLIU-21 JLIU-22The orange peel was reduced on the fender via wetsanding.JLIU-23Protected with Opti-Coat Pro, C.Quartz Finest, HD Nitro Seal and Swissvax Crystal Rock in various sections.JLIU-24Rubbers and plastics treated with C.Quartz DLUX

Sadly, my ownership of this car has come to an end and has been sold to another Accord Euro enthusiast.  Stay tuned for our next company vehicle – a ’94 Mazda MX-5 NA8

Jerald ‘JJ’ Liu

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