Detailed: 2013 Nissan CBA-R35 GT-R [Ivory Pearl]

The Details

Year: 2013
Manufacturer: Nissan
Make: CBA-R35 GT-R
Colour Code: Ivory Pearl
Condition: Random isolated scratches
Paint Type: Medium hardness

This Ivory Pearl GT-R is a 2013 ex-demo model from Ferntree Gully Nissan. The reason why I mentioned the dealer name is because this isn’t a name and shame, quite the opposite really. It was evident that Nissan had gone to a certain length to ensure the ex-demo car was delivered in great condition – an almost unheard of occurrence to come out of any dealership.

01As presented. Very light swirling with 2-3 RIDS per panel.02Foam decontamination to remove any glazes and oils that could potentially hide defects.03Before wheel decon.04After wheel decon with Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner and Wheel Woolies. The brakes were so large, the car had to be rolled back to access the tighter areas. The wheels were later clayed and Opti-Coated via airbrush for consistent coverage. 05The visible rearmost section of the undercarriage was to be protected with Opti-Coat Pro. 06After a quick clay and IPA wipe. 07A strange scuff on the brake caliper over the “A”. The owner is very meticulous, so things like this would’ve caused him to lose sleep. 08Promptly removed with Dodo Juice Lime Prime and protected with Opti-Coat P 09RIDS10Spot corrected with HD Cut x Lake Country CCS Yellow. The entire car was polished with HD Polish x Lake Country CCS Black. 11Right fender 12Corrected 13 14 15As usual, the gloss black pillars were more afflicted than the paint. 16Corrected 17Grilles were cleaned with APC, IPA then painted with C.Quartz DLUX 18Opti-Coating the visible section of the underbody. 19As a recap, the car before detailing.
20After.21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30Leather and fabrics protected with Optimum Opti-Guard29

Brand new vehicles are hardly ever a blank canvas as most people assume.  To have your new investment corrected and protected, feel free to contact us at

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