Detailed: 2002 Ducati 998 [Rosso]


The Details

Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Ducati
Make: 998
Colour Code: Rosso
Condition: Moderate swirling
Paint Type: Moderately soft

Recently, the owner of this beautiful Italian machine had lost his license, so the bike spent a bit of time at the Affinesse studio.

Covered in copious amounts of chain grease, tar, dirt and oil, the 998 was decontaminated using white spirits for tar, APC for grease and lastly a pH neutral shampoo to remove any residue.  All fairings were removed for proper cleaning.

01Before arch deconIMG_1391AfterIMG_1394Before suspension decontaminationIMG_1388After.  Sealed with Sonax Polymer Netshield for even coverage in intricate areas. IMG_1389Before fairing correction

IMG_1381Corrected via Flex Rotary PE14-2 using HD Cut x Lake Country 3″ Yellow CCS Pad.  Followed by HD Polish x Lake Country 3″ Black CCS PadIMG_1387Before correctionIMG_1399After correctionIMG_1407Before.  When polishing plexiglass, special care is needed as to not build up too much heat or pressure which could cause the surface to crack.IMG_1408Corrected with HD Adapt on Lake Country 3″ Black CCS Pad via very slow speeds.  Protected with Opti-Coat Pro to prevent further marring.IMG_1413The carbon trim had oxidised heavily.  Due to the intricacy of the panel, it was hand polished with HD Cut, Adapt and Polish.IMG_1419Corrected and protected with HD Nitro SealIMG_142850/50 shot.  The leather has been cleaned with Optimum Power Clean and protected with Optimum Opti-Bond Leather Protectant to protect from UV damage.
IMG_1430Right exhaust polished with 1z Einszett Metal Polish.  Protected with Finish Kare FK1000P Hi-Temp Sealant.IMG_1433All fairings sealed with HD Nitro Seal to enhance gloss and protect from the elements.IMG_1243Wheels sealed with Finish Kare FK1000p Hi-Temp Sealant to improve cleanliness of the wheels.IMG_1254 IMG_1265 IMG_1308 IMG_1311 IMG_1322 IMG_1327 IMG_1328 IMG_1333IMG_1278IMG_1295

Motorcycles deserve the same amount – if not more attention than cars to maintain their appearance and value over time.  Due to the intricacies of bikes, the time taken to detail one is often comparable to their four-wheeled counterparts.

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