Detailed: 2009 BMW M3 E92 [Jerez Black]


The Details

Year: 2009
Manufacturer: BMW
Make: M3 E92
Colour Code: Jerez Black
Condition: Medium swirling
Paint Type: Medium hardness
Full-Resolution Pictures: Download

This beastly BMW M3 E92 had previously been plasti-dipped by the first owner of the vehicle which was then peeled off by the second owner.  However, due to poor spray prep technique, large amounts of plasti-dip were still remaining in every single crevice of this car.

To add to the contamination, the car had been polished with no masking at all, causing polish to splatter and stain all plastic and rubber trim.

Polish residue staining.
03 04Removing polish residue with Optimum Power Clean.  This is done during the foam stage as the foam acts as a lubricant to prevent further swirling caused by brush bristles.05Plasti-Dip remanants in the honeycomb vents and rubber grommet.06 07The Plasti-Dip was dissolved using white spirits, with the remaining residue cleaned up with Optimum Power Clean.08 09Cotton tips were used to remove polish residue and Plasti-Dip from the honeycomb vents10Medium swirling apparent in the sunlight, with some RIDS hanging around the edges.11A long buffer trail remained near the boot lip.12More Plasti-Dip.  Almost every surface was covered in it.13Plasti-Dip behind the carbon diffuser (removed).13aMore Plasti-Dip in the front bumper.1415You guessed it, more Plasti-Dip.16 17The original M3 badge was damaged.  Using a heatgun and nylon string, the badge was carefully removed, the underlying paint polished and a new badge fitted (visible in the last pictures).18 19The rear carbon diffuser was removed and cleaned of any remaining Plasti-Dip.20After a single-pass of Sonax Perfect Finish and sealing with Wolf’s Chemicals Hard Body, the shine in the carbon fibre was restored.21Medium swirling present on the bonnet.22Corrected.  It’s unfortunate that the large amount of road rash (caused by driving too close to leading vehicles) has caused pitting on the bonnet.  Correction achieved with HD Cut x Buff n Shine MF Pads and polished HD Speed x Lake Country Black.  HD Speed was used as a base coat for Nitro-Seal.23Fender uncorrected/Bonnet corrected24Beautiful metallic fleck.  Untrue to it’s name, Jerez Black actually contains a large amount of blue metallic pigments, with minor red/purple pigments adding to the pearlescent effect.25The piano black pillars had oxidised and turned grey.26A single pass of HD Speed restored and protected them.27Front honeycomb grille was coated in Optimum Opti-Bond via paint brush.
28Engine bay degreased and dressed.29Before detailing.30After letting HD Nitro Seal sit over night, the gloss produced was simply amazing.31The carbon bootlid had been expertly painted, with the carbon texture seamlessly blending into the original Jerez Black colour.
32 33 34 35The most dreaded part of the detail process – watching such a beautiful machine drive away.36 37

Kind regards,

Jerald Liu
Affinesse Premium Detailing

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