Detailed: 2003 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA [Alfa Red]


The Details

Year: 2003
Manufacturer: Alfa Romeo
Make: 147 GTA
Colour Code: Alfa Red
Condition: Heavy swirling
Paint Type: Moderately hard

This eleven year-old beauty was bought from a used car dealer – covered with heavy swirls and wrought with contamination. We set to recover the paintwork and restore it to it’s former beauty.

Original condition

IMG_9338The chrome intake runners were dull and hazy.
IMG_9378Polished with 1Z Einszett Metal Polish and protected with Finish Kare FK1000P Hi-Temp Sealant.
IMG_9386As this car had come straight from the dealer, it had a thick glaze to hide any imperfections.  A mix of Chemtech CT18 and APC was applied to strip any glazes, waxes, oils and fillers.
IMG_9389After the oils were stripped, the true condition of the paint was revealed – showing heavy swirls and scratches.
IMG_940350/50 Uncorrected door/Corrected rear quarter panel.
IMG_947650/50 pass.  The car was corrected with HD Cut x HD Black Wool and HD Polish x Lake Country CCS Black.
IMG_947850/50 on the gloss black pillars.  These were hazy and were showing signs of chemical contamination.
IMG_9483Before pillar correction.
IMG_9490A mini photoshoot ensued.  The dealer had placed heavy oils over the leather to provide a slick sheen.  These were removed with APC and re-conditioned with UV protectants.
IMG_9949HD Nitro Seal was applied and restored the gloss and beauty of the paint.

Sometimes the excitement of purchasing a new vehicle can distract you from the real condition of the car.  If you’d like us to look after and protect your new investment, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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