Detailed: 2013 Holden Commodore VF SV6 [Phantom Black]

The Details

Year: 2013
Manufacturer: Holden
Make: Commodore VF SV6
Colour Code: Phantom Black
Condition: Light marring
Paint Type: Soft

Another case of dealership paint protection gone wrong – when this car arrived we had found that no paint protection had been applied AT ALL. We quickly sought to remedy this, decontaminating the paint, correcting any existing swirls and applying two layers of Hard Body protection.

IMG_1159The car was soaked in a mixture of CT18 and APC to remove all waxes, fillers and glazes from the paintwork.  Once rinsed, not a trace of beading from the dealership “paint protection” was evident.
IMG_1136The car was blown dry to avoid additional marring.
IMG_1139Light swirling and marring visible on the paint work.
IMG_1127Corrected with Menzerna SF4000 x Lake Country CCS Black
IMG_1129Before correction.
IMG_1126Two layers of Wolf’s Chemicals Hard Body provide a brilliant glassy and reflective shine.

Dealerships often charge ludicrous amounts of money for paint protection, only to apply an inferior product.  Always refer to your detailer to prepare and apply an aftermarket protection system.

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Jerald Liu

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