Detailed: 2008 Toyota Aurion XV40 ZR6 [Caribbean Blue]

The Details

Year: 2008
Manufacturer: Toyota
Make: Aurion XV40 ZR6
Colour Code: Caribbean Blue
Condition: Moderate swirling
Paint Type: Medium

This car felt like an inbetweener – sporting the looks of a Toyota and the features of a Lexus. Recently bought from a dealer, it had all the swirls and markings instilled from pre-delivery. We were able to decontaminate and correct the paint, coating it with two layers of Wolf’s Chemicals Hard Body, protecting the paint, enhancing gloss and making the vehicle easier to clean.

The paint was a dream to work with – correcting easily and with maximum gloss and depth.

IMG_1629IMG_1630IMG_1632Headlights starting to show signs of yellowing.IMG_1634The car was given a foam bath to remove all oils and waxes.IMG_1636Once rinsed, there were absolutely no traces of any LSP whatsoever.IMG_1637The details were all coated in dirt.IMG_1647aFirst, the Aurion badge was cleaned using a soft bristle brush and some APC.IMG_1647bIMG_1650aThen the door protector was cleaned.IMG_1650bMild swirls with a door ding on the right.IMG_1658Corrected with Menzerna PF2500 x Lake Country CCS WhiteIMG_1658bThe interior had traces of dressing residue left by the dealership.IMG_1685bGently cleaned with Optimum Power Clean.IMG_1685cIMG_1693IMG_1694All plastic and rubber trims were dressed with 303 Aerospace UV Protectant.IMG_1696The wheels were looking a bit dull, so I cleaned it up with APC and gave it a light polish with Menzerna SF4000 (the wheels were clear coated).IMG_1735The centre caps were cleaned with Dodo Juice Lime Prime and a cotton tip.IMG_1736Polished and sealed with Finish Kare FK1000PIMG_1737The tow ball was rusted and gave the car an aged look.IMG_1742Corrected with a Dremel polisher and 1Z Einszett Metal Polish.IMG_1743The sunroof was raised and cleaned with APC.IMG_1746To protect from drying out, the seals were dressed with 303 Aerospace UV Protectant.IMG_1747The pillars were polished to restore them to piano black gloss.IMG_1753Corrected.  Sealed with two layers of Wolf’s Chemicals Hard Body.IMG_1782IMG_1803IMG_1813IMG_1899 copyIMG_1900 copyIMG_1901 copyIMG_1909 copyIMG_1912 copyIMG_1916 copyIMG_1918 copyIMG_1932IMG_1944 copyIMG_1947 copyIMG_1948 copyIMG_1956 copyIMG_1957 copyIMG_1957
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