Detailed: Alpine A110 – Alpine Bleu

In 1973, a small vehicle factory in Dieppe, France produced what would known to be as the first victor of the World Rally Championship.

Weighing in at 770 kilograms and producing a mere 125 horsepower, the Alpine A110 took home the trophy with ease.

Today, Alpine produces the Renault Sport line of sports cars sold worldwide. They return to their roots with the release of the new Alpine A110, inspired by the original designs of the 1973 WRC victor.

Featuring a lightweight ~1100kg frame paired to a zippy 1.8L turbo I4 motor with 7-speed gearbox, the new A110 is very much the pure sports car dedicated to driver involvement that today’s market so desperately needs.

We were commissioned by Alpine to detail and protect their demonstrator model which would be made available to journalists for review purposes. Given the reviews were to take place at the Targa High Country rally, stone chip protection was a must.

Personally, I loved every moment of working with this car. The curves and lines added a significant challenge to the Paint Protection Film (PPF) install, however the end result was well worth it.

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JJ Liu
JJ Liu
Managing Director – Affinesse
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