Detailed: 2010 Aston Martin DBS (Carbon Black) – Video Feature

Power. Beauty. Soul.

Imagine our excitement when we hear the gnarly roar of this beautiful V12 machine from down the street as it rolls into our studio – its sound and design alone embodying those very words offered by Aston Martin’s rich history of vehicles.

This limited edition Carbon Black DBS was recently purchased by our client and came in a far from satisfactory condition. Afflicted with heavy swirls, holograms, buffer trails and polish residue, this car required over 50 man hours to completely revamp from head to toe.

Once the works were complete, we were rewarded with a stunning image, paintwork that exuded deep gloss, bright metallic fleck and crisp reflections thanks to Aston Martin’s hand-sanded finish.

✔️ Multi-stage decontamination
✔️ Two-stage correction
✔️ Orange Peel Removal
✔️ Opti-Coat Pro+ application
✔️ Wheels and calipers coated with Concours Nova Wheel
✔️ Convertible top protected with Optimum Opti-Guard
✔️ Leather treated with Leatherique
✔️ Glass protected with Concours Nova Glass
✔️ Plastics protected with CarPro DLUX
✔️ Rubbers treated with Swissvax Seal Feed

Heavy brushwork required to remove mineral deposits from badges and crevices

50/50 paint correction progress shot on the driver’s door

The rear bar had been repainted, causing a discrepancy in orange peel with the surrounding panels

After wetsanding, the orange peel is now reduced and matches the flatness of the rest of the car.

The soft-top compartment was filled with dust and contaminants

Steam cleaned and coated with Concours Nova Jet

Engine bay steam cleaned and dressed

During infrared curing, the fenders came alive with gloss.

The final result. Crisp reflections, bright metallic fleck, crisp reflections.

All leather hand treated with Leatherique

Tight beads and excellent water behaviour.

Beading across the windshield coated with Concours Nova Glass

Beading across the convertible top coated with Opti-Guard

Thanks for viewing!
JJ Liu
JJ Liu
Managing Director – Affinesse
South-East Melbourne’s premier destination for premium detailing and paint protection

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