Detailed: 2013 Volkswagen Golf R Mk6 [Deep Black Pearl]

By special request we boarded a 7am flight to Sydney to restore our client’s recently purchased dream car to its deserved condition.

Battling Sydney’s 45 degree heat wave, each panel was thoroughly decontaminated, corrected and coated with two layers of Opti-Coat Pro+ to bring back the depth and sparkle of the Deep Black Pearl paint.

Elias from Crystal Clear Detail was generous enough to supply his Campbelltown studio and his skills to help with the detail and also apply PPF to some problematic areas such as the headlights and bootlip.

✔️ Multi-stage decontamination
✔️ Two-stage correction
✔️ Two layers of Opti-Coat Pro+
✔️ Wheels and calipers coated with Opti-Coat Pro+
✔️ Plastics protected with CarPro DLUX
✔️ Selective Paint Protection Film

Thanks for viewing!
JJ Liu
JJ Liu
Managing Director – Affinesse
South-East Melbourne’s premier destination for premium detailing and paint protection

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