Detailed: 2016 HSV GTS GEN-F2 [Slipstream]

The last of the HSV flagships before Holden’s cessation of production by 2017. Sporting a supercharged LSA pulling out a massive 430kW of power and 730Nm of torque (factory, which has now been increased by our client), this GTS walks the walk and talks the talk. And to look the part, we carried out a two-stage correction, rectifying factory mishaps and enhancing the gloss and beauty of the Slipstream blue paintwork with Opti-Coat Pro+. To further protect the last of this kind, we coated the leather and fabric, while tinting the windows for the ultimate UV protection.

✔️ Multi-stage decontamination
✔️ Single-stage correction
✔️ Single layer of Opti-Coat Pro+
✔️ Wheels and calipers coated with Opti-Coat Pro+
✔️ Interior protected with C.Quartz Leather and GTechniq Smart Fabric
✔️ Glass protected with GTechniq G1
✔️ Plastics protected with CarPro DLUX
✔️ Suntek Carbon XP Darkest Legal Tint

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JJ Liu
JJ Liu
Managing Director – Affinesse
South-East Melbourne’s premier destination for premium detailing and paint protection

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