Detailed: 2015 Porsche Macan S (Type 95B) [White]

RTEE-01 Brand new Porsche Macan S in for Opti-Coat Pro+.

The car was fairly decent upon arrival, with defects being few and far between compared to many other dealership details. We observed quite a few random scratches, paired with polish/wax staining on some of the trim. However decent, the pre-delivery was, there is still room for improvement in every car.

We performed a single stage correction, followed by a single OCP+ treatment on the paintwork and wheels, with C.Quartz DLUX coating the plastics.

As presented
RTEE-02Wheel decon with Optimum FerreX RTEE-03 Polish/wax residue visible on the sunroof rubber trimRTEE-04 Deep scratch on the tailgateRTEE-05 Before correctionRTEE-06 After correction with Scholl S17 and Lake Country CCS WhiteRTEE-07 Before correctionRTEE-08 After correctionRTEE-09 Before correctionRTEE-10After correctionRTEE-11Flex rotary coupled with an extension bar and 3″ pad for precise correction work.
RTEE-12BeforeRTEE-13AfterRTEE-14All plastics treated with C.Quartz DLUX RTEE-15Corrected and coated RTEE-16 RTEE-17The amount of detail that goes into the headlights is quite impressive. RTEE-18 RTEE-19 RTEE-20

No matter if a car comes from a mainstream or luxury dealership, it still goes through the same logistical processes which result in imperfections in your brand new car.  At Affinesse, we strive to transform and provide your new pride and joy into a true brand new vehicle that will retain its finish for years to come.

– Jerald ‘JJ’ Liu

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