Detailed: 2015 Audi A3 8V [Monsoon Grey]


This brand new A3 arrived with only 400km on the clock. Even as a brand new car, the paint had existing swirls which needed to be corrected before application of the new Kamikaze ISM Coat.

A new entrant to the coating market, Kamikaze ISM Coat is a sacrificial paint protection barrier that provides a warm, deep gloss that is unrivalled in the current coating market.

As presentedCYAM-02 CYAM-03Foam decontaminationCYAM-04Brushwork to remove existing gunk from the badgesCYAM-05Light swirling present on most panelsCYAM-06After correctionCYAM-07Before correctionCYAM-08After correctionCYAM-0950/50 B-Pillar correctionCYAM-10Coating the plastics via brushCYAM-11After Kamikaze ISM was applied, the metallic fleck simply exuded warmth. CYAM-12Incredible fleck CYAM-13 CYAM-14Fully cured. Kamikaze ISM offers a finish that is unrivalled in the coating market. Warm, wet gloss with a polarising effect which enhances metallic/pearlescent fleck. CYAM-15The polarising effect can be seen on the wheel guard. CYAM-16 CYAM-17Wheels coated CYAM-19 CYAM-20 CYAM-21 CYAM-22 CYAM-23We will be offering both Opti-Coat Pro+ and Kamikaze ISM in our line-up, as both offer distinct advantages depending on the type of vehicle owner you are. Contact us if you’d like a recommendation or more info.

Jerald Liu


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  1. Hi Jerald,

    The Audi with Kamikaze ISM looks great! I have a BMW 5 series (2015) in Metallic Carbon Black (aooears black or very dark blue depending on the viewing angle). The car is driven probably a couple times a month and is always garaged. Which coating would you recommend – Opticoat Pro+ or Kamikaze ISM and why?


    1. Post

      Hi Jai!

      Based on your usage pattern, I would definitely recommend having Kamikaze ISM applied. In my opinion, Kamikaze ISM offers better water behaviour (tighter beading) and a very unique look. Especially on Carbon Black, you’ll find that the metallic will pop even more than any other coating. As an added bonus, you can use Kamikaze Overcoat as a maintenance to spray to give your car that freshly detailed look.

      If the car were a daily driver and stored outside most of the time, I’d recommend Opti-Coat Pro+ as its ceramic base offers a higher longevity than other coatings.

      As it stands, ISM is rated to last 2 years with regular usage patterns (potentially more in your case) and Opti-Coat Pro+ is rated to last 5-7 years.

      If you’d like any more information, don’t hesitate to reply here, e-mail us at or call on (03) 9551 8153.


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