Detailed: 2015 BMW X5 F15 [Black Sapphire]

This week we received a brand new 2015 BMW X5 for Optimum Paint and Interior Protection.  While the car could’ve received a single stage correction, we agreed on two stages to maximise the gloss before applying three layers of Opti-Coat Pro+

The car had moderate swirling, light buffer trails and paint missing on one fender which required touch-up.

Correction was performed with HD Cut on an Optimum MF Pad, followed by HD Polish on a Lake Country CCS Black. All surfaces coated with OCP+, including wheels, door jambs, glass and trim. All interior surfaces were coated with Opti-Guard.
MJAF-01 As presented.  The client hadn’t washed the car since delivery as to not install more swirls on the paint.MJAF-02 MJAF-03Optimum Ferrex dissolving the large amounts of European brake dust existing on the wheels.MJAF-04 MJAF-05Before correctionMJAF-06After correctionMJAF-07Before correction.  Slight holograms can be seen here – presumably from the dealership detailerMJAF-08After correctionMJAF-09Before correctionMJAF-10After correctionMJAF-11Before correctionMJAF-12After correctionMJAF-13After three layers of Opti-Coat Pro+MJAF-14The gloss achieved made the two-stage correction worth it.  The paintwork looked ready to dive into.MJAF-15 MJAF-16 MJAF-17The wheels were coated in similar fashion with Opti-Coat Pro+MJAF-18All interior surfaces coated with Optimum Opti-GuardMJAF-19 MJAF-20

With three layers of Opti-Coat Pro+, this brand new BMW X5 is ensured to maintain its finish for many years to come.

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