Detailed: 2014 HSV GTS Gen-F [Alchemy]

CWEH-012014 HSV GTS in for our complete Opti-Coat Pro+ treatment and to receive the following:

  • Two-Stage Correction with HD Cut and Polish
  • Wheel-Off Detail and Coating
  • Three Layers of OCP+
  • C.Quartz DLUX Plastic Treatment

As presentedCWEH-02 CWEH-03 Calipers cleaned and coatedCWEH-04 CWEH-06 CWEH-07 CWEH-09 CWEH-11 CWEH-13 CWEH-15 All plastic trim coated with DLUXCWEH-17 CWEH-18 CWEH-19 CWEH-20 CWEH-21 CWEH-22 CWEH-23 CWEH-24 CWEH-25 CWEH-26

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Jerald ‘JJ’ Liu

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