Quick Shot: 2011 BMW X3 F25 [Carbon Black]

This poor X3 suffered a cruel fate.  Bought through the dealership, it had endured many rounds of harsh buffing using super abrasive compounds and aggressive wool pads.  The result – countless swirls and holograms covering the car, uneven paint readings and careless scratches on every single panel.

In short, this is what happens when you pay a car wash or dealership $100 for a ‘full detail’.  The condition this car arrived in shocked us and is easily one of the most damaged we’ve dealt with.

After four intense days, we were able to achieve 90% correction and a massive gloss improvement.  Correction was achieved with HD Cut and HD Speed before Nitro Seal was applied for long lasting protection.JCUS-00 JCUS-01 JCUS-02 JCUS-03 JCUS-04 JCUS-05 JCUS-06 JCUS-07 JCUS-08 JCUS-09 JCUS-10 JCUS-12 JCUS-13 JCUS-14 JCUS-15

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