Detailed: 2011 BMW X5 E70 [Carbon Black]

ALAM-27This X5 looked pretty good – before the client took it to the self-serve car wash and managing to destroy the finish in a matter of minutes.

The paint was fairly hard, requiring the following correction steps:

– Scholl S2 x Scholl White Spider Pad on Flex Rotary
– CarPro Reflect x Lake Country CCS Black on Flex VRG

Given the density of the paint, the S2 finished down quite nicely without buffer trails, allowing for the massive jump from White Spider to LC Black.

The entire car was then coated with two layers C.Quartz Finest, including wheels and DLUX for plastics. ALAM-02 ALAM-03Brush work ALAM-04Heavy swirling all aroundALAM-05 ALAM-06 ALAM-07Halfway through correctionALAM-08CorrectedALAM-09Before correctionALAM-10AfterALAM-11Before tail light correctionALAM-12AfterALAM-1350/50 Pillar correctionALAM-14 No corners cut – even though the roof is barely visible to most people, it is entirely corrected.ALAM-15Before exhaust workALAM-16After polishingALAM-17Before plastic dressingALAM-18After C.Quartz DLUXALAM-19Finished with two layers of C.Quartz FinestALAM-20 ALAM-21
Wheels also coated in C.Quartz FinestALAM-23 ALAM-24Leather seats treated with 3D Liquid LeatherALAM-25 ALAM-26 ALAM-01Thanks for looking,

Jerald ‘JJ’ Liu


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