Detailed: 2014 Audi Q5 8R TDI [Phantom Black]

Photo-1The Details

Year: 2014
Manufacturer: Audi
Make: Q5 8R TDI
Colour Code: Phantom Black
Condition: Moderate swirling
Paint Type: Soft

Here we have a brand new Q5 delivered straight from the dealership for Opti-Coat Pro and window tinting. On arrival it looked pretty good, but once the glazes and waxes were stripped off the real damage could be seen.

As presented
Photo-2Excessive wax left by the dealership.
Photo-3 Photo-4Applying 35% VLT 3M Window TintPhoto-5Before correctionPhoto-6After correctionPhoto-7Beautiful pearlescent paintPhoto-8 Photo-9 Photo-10Airbrushing Opti-Coat Pro in the intricate areas for maximum protectionPhoto-11The front grille was also airbrushed due to the intricacy of the design.Photo-12All windows were Opti-Coated, while the windshield was coated with Rain-X for better compatibility with wipers.Photo-13 Photo-14 Photo-15 Photo-16 Photo-17Wheels coated and lug nuts airbrushed.Photo-18 Photo-20Headlights and tail lights coated to prevent UV damage and oxidisation.Photo-21 Photo-22 Photo-23

Thanks for looking!

Jerald ‘JJ’ Liu

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