Detailed: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL W124 [Cabernet Red]


The Details

Year: 1987
Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
Make: 420 SEL W124
Colour Code: Cabernet Red
Condition: Heavy Swirling
Paint Type: Extremely Hard

This time we have a repainted Cabernet Red 420 SEL for the full Swissvax works on the exterior, interior, wheels and engine bay.

The paint was hard as nails, so multiple passes on the wool and rotary were required. It was so hard that an almost LSP ready finish could’ve been achieved with minimal buffer trails.

This car however, did come with a silver lining.  At the time of the repaint, the horizontal surfaces were sanded completely flat, reducing orange peel and presenting crisp reflections.

As presented

Photo-250/50 after a couple of passes with the rotary and HD Cut Photo-3 Photo-4I was going for an Affinesse logo 50/50 but gave up at the triangle. Photo-5Stone chip touch-up Photo-6 Photo-7All leather was steamed and treated with Swissvax leather cleaner and leather milk Photo-8Some old leather conditioner had been left in the cracks. These needed quite a bit of APC to remove. Photo-9After two layers of Crystal Rock, the paint looked fresh again. Photo-11The reflections were crisp and stunning.Photo-10 Photo-12Direct light shot to reveal the deep red metallic fleck Photo-13Due to the age of the car, the seals needed a bit of nourishment via Swissvax Seal Feed Photo-14Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Swissvax Engine and Protecton Photo-15 Photo-16 Photo-17Have a car that’s showing its age?  Contact us at and we’ll restore it back to brand new.

JJ Liu

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