Detailed: 2009 Lexus IS250 XE20 Prestige [Nebula Gray Pearl]


The Details

Year: 2009
Manufacturer: Lexus
Make: IS250 XE20 Prestige
Colour Code: Nebula Gray Pearl
Condition: Moderate swirling
Paint Type: Moderately hard

This IS250 came in from another detailer, with lovely buffer trails and streaky windows to boot. I set to quickly correct the damage and increase the gloss with a two-stage polish process followed by HD Nitro Seal.

Foam decontamination with a mix of Chemtech CT18 and Optimum Power Clean to remove all traces of glazes, waxes and fillers.
IMG_1Moderate swirling present.
IMG_3Corrected with HD Cut x HD Black Lambswool Pad.  Finished with Meguiar’s M205 x Lake Country CCS Black
IMG_6Exhausts were polished with P21S Polishing Soap.
IMG_7Phil Kube of QB Dent Free, working to repair a dent on the rear left quarter panel.
IMG_9HD Nitro Seal provides amazing gloss and slickness.
IMG_11Wheels dressed with HD Tyre Gel and sealed with Finish Kare FK1000P
IMG_10Plastic trim dressed with Optimum Opti-Bond.  Glass sealed with Rain-X.
IMG_13Thanks for reading,

Jerald Liu

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