Detailed: 2005 Lexus IS200 GXE10R Sports Luxury [Crystal Gold]

The Details

Year: 2005
Manufacturer: Lexus
Make: IS200 GXE10R Sports Luxury
Colour Code: Crystal Gold
Condition: Heavy swirling, heavy scratches
Paint Type: Hard (Aftermarket clear coat)

This Lexus IS200 had been washed at the automatic car wash for six years straight. The result – heavy swirling and scratches riddled all over the paint. Further, the car had been repainted with a harder clear coat which meant even the most aggressive cutting methods had to be repeated in order to achieve results.

For paint correction, we proceeded to wetsand the repainted sections, as the thickness had reached 400 microns and was afflicted with orange peel.  Correction was then followed up by Lake Country Purple Foamed Wool with Scholl Concepts S3 Gold and Lake Country CCS Black with Scholl Concepts S30.

Wolf’s Hard Body was the sealant of choice for this vehicle.

Unfortunately, due to a malfunction with the camera’s CF Card, all shots taken on the first day were lost.

IMG_8638 IMG_6072 IMG_6071 IMG_6040 IMG_6042 IMG_6053 IMG_6056 IMG_1097 IMG_6027 IMG_8639 IMG_8668 IMG_8677 IMG_8695 IMG_8704 IMG_8700 IMG_8373 IMG_8372 1

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