Quick Shot: 2012 Subaru Impreza GV WRX [Dark Grey Metallic]

The Details

Year: 2012
Manufacturer: Subaru
Make: Impreza GV WRX
Colour Code: Dark Gray Metallic
Condition: Light swirling

This Impreza WRX came straight from the dealer with very light swirling.  We immediately set to correct it via Menzerna SF4000 with a Lake Country White Polishing Pad.  Following an isopropyl wipe-down, the paint was coated in two layers of Wolf’s Chemicals Hard Body.

During the curing process, we proceeded to detail the engine bay and dress it with 303 Aerospace UV Protectant.

Wheels were sealed with two layers of Finish Kare FK1000P.

IMG_9845 IMG_9852 IMG_9875 IMG_9887 IMG_9901 IMG_9905 IMG_9912 IMG_9891

Thanks for reading!

Jerald Liu

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